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Q: What is Finitro Forte Plus?
A: Finitro Forte Plus is a high quality nutritional supplement and is developed for people with joint problems. Finitro Forte Plus is a 100 percent natural product.

Q: Is Finitro Forte Plus being covered by my health insurance?
A: This depends on your type of health insurance. Finitro Forte Plus is a nutritional supplement and is not covered by every health insurance.

Q: Does Finitro work with subscriptions?
A: When buying products from Finitro you do not subscribe to anything. You do not receive a new order until you have actually placed an order on our website.

Q: Where is Finitro being made?
A: Finitro Forte Plus is being made exclusively for us and is being developed by a leading laboratory, specialised in the production of nutritional supplements. The laboratory has the GMP-label (Good Manufacture Products) and is ISO 22000 certified.

Q: Is Finitro Forte Plus an approved product?
A: Yes, Finitro Forte Plus is approved by authorities around the world. Please reach out to our customer service if you would like to review them.

Q: I have found a linguistic error. Where can I report this?
A: We invest a lot of time and effort in the texts on our website. However, a linguistic error might slip through. In these cases we ask you to contact our customer care. We very much appreciate your remarks!

Customer Service

Q: What is the shipping time?
A: On working days your order will be shipped within 24 hours. For delivery times consult the following schedule:

  • Europe 2-8 working days
  • Outside Europe 6-14 working days

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: The prices on our website always include shipping costs. You will never have to pay more, regardless your address or the country of destination.

Q: How can I pay my order?
A: At Finitro you pay electronically with creditcard or PayPal. We offer a secured pay environment, so ordering is completely safe. The moment your payment is processed we will send the order to you.

Q: How can I contact Finitro?
A: You can reach Finitro by email. Through the contact form on our website you can send an email to us in your own language.

Q: Should I be home to accept my order?
A: Finitro is being delivered in a package that, in most cases, fits in or through your mailbox. As a result you don’t have to be home on the day your package is being delivered.

Q:Do you ship orders with a track & trace number?
A: No, the order will be sent as regular letter mail.


Q:How long do I need to use Finitro?
A: In almost all cases you will notice that the symptoms will be less within three weeks. Depending on the symptoms most people will use Finitro for three months, however, our experience with this product has taught us that people who use Finitro continuously will feel even better. After six till seven months the cartilage is not only restored, but is created again because of the collagen type II.

Q: Can I use Finitro continuously?
A: Yes, because Finitro is a high quality nutritious supplement and can be used continuously, taking into account the daily dosage, without harmful side effects.

Q: How should I consume Finitro Forte Plus?
A: The recommended daily dose is four tablets a day, divided into two doses. You should take two tablets in the morning and in the evening during or after a meal. These should be taken with a glass of water.

Q: I have trouble swallowing the tablets. What can I do?
A: You can break our tablets in half if you like. You can also grind them and put them in your meal.

Q: How long is one treatment?
A: In one package you will find 120 tablets, which is enough for thirty days.

Q:What is the expiry date of Finitro Forte Plus?
A: The tablets of Finitro Forte Plus can be kept for at least sixteen months. The expiry date can be found on the label of the product.

Q: May I change the recommended dosage over time?
A: You need to take in four tablets to get the best results. This is especially true for the first three months. After this period we recommended to continue this dosage. Depending on how you feel you can choose to reduce the dosage to two tablets a day after three months. However, it might be that the results will not be the same. If this is the case you can always go back to the recommended dosage.

Q: Is Finitro Forte Plus also suitable for pets?
A: Finitro Forte Plus is developed for people. Also, the dosage is adapted for use by people. However, we do have customers who buy the product for their cat or dog. For the dosage for pets we recommend one tablet per day per ten kilogram weight, with a maximum of four tablets. A dog of 30 kilogram may therefore consume three tablets a day, and a pet of 5 kilogram less than half a tablet a day or one tablet every two days.

Q: Who cannot use Finitro Forte Plus?
A: Due to the glucosamine in Finitro Forte Plus our product is not suitable for people with a shellfish allergy. Furthermore we do not recommend the use of our product for pregnant women, lactating women, and children under sixteen. We do not give this advice because any harmful side effects are known, but because not enough research has been conducted to be sure to guarantee their safety. As long as no new information on this becomes available we do not recommend the product for these groups.

Q:What substances are in Finitro Forte Plus?
A: Finitro Forte Plus consists of several components, such as non-denatured collagen type II, glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid, and various spices. A complete list of our ingredients can be found here.

Q: Does Finitro Forte Plus contain hormones?
A: No, Finitro Forte Plus does not contain any hormones.

Q: Does Finitro Forte Plus have any side effects?
A: There are no known side effects of Finitro Forte Plus. However, we do have noticed that a small group of customers complains about abdominal discomforts. As far as known the ingredients of Finitro Forte Plus cannot damage the stomach and intestines. If you still have discomfort, we recommend halving or pulverizing the tablets before consumption. The tablets will then be smaller and this reduces the risk on abdominal pains. If symptoms do not diminish we recommend to contact our customer service.

Q:Are there interactions with medication?
A: We virtually do not know of interactions. Only with warfarin we recommend to be careful. It is always good to see your doctor before you plan to use nutritional supplements with medication. Your doctor can tell you about possible interactions.

Q: Is Finitro Forte Plus suitable for people with gluten or lactose allergy?
A: Finitro Forte Plus does not contain gluten or dairy-based ingredients. It is safe for people with a gluten or lactose allergy.

Q: Does Finitro cause an increase in weight?
A: This is very unlikely. The tablets hardly contain any calories: one tablet contains only 1.117 kcal. Experiences of our customers also show that weight gain is unlikely.